World’s Large Flower Titum Arum

World is full of interest things. Scientists are busy to invent latest kind of item and object. For this purpose they are busy in searching to know about object in the world which is unseen. You know nature consist of a lot of item which we are unaware of it. They are making different kind of experiments to know about their amazing features. Flowers are beautiful things in the globe. People love to pick them. These are used in multiple kinds of event. At the time of marriage and funeral you can use them. There is a huge flower in whose fragrance is not pleasant. It has a scent of amazing odor which is uncomfortable for humans. Interesting news about it is that it’s open after 75 years of time. It has their stunning name of “Titum Arum”.  There are a lot of people who comes to see it but they were unable to stand in front of it. It odor make them difficult to stay close of it. It is blossom in the University of Basel Switzerland. Complete news related to this stunning and amazing blossom is given below in Urdu. You can read it here and can get an idea of it features.

flower titun arum

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