What’s Happening in Islamic Society

World is moving and creating a lot of amazing things in front of society. Development is at a peak, and we get plenty of knowledge of the latest occurrences from the globe. There are ammunition industries that are busy to develop and make latest equipment for the purpose of safety. Every country have this ammunition and they managing them for the highly secure custody of their secrets people. All of the things are right, but we are worried that their utilization is going to be miss used. We can see terrorist attacks are increasing routinely and due to that we are losing a bundle of important lives from the world. Muslim’s community is especially targeted in this sense. We can see everywhere Muslims are killed, and their houses are marked out to destroy efficiently. Complete column containing an information related to the different Islamic Countries. You can see multiple reports are given below in Urdu with huge knowledge of attacks and people got damaged their lives due to that.

islamic society

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