Valentines Day SMS In Urdu, Hindi

Valentines Day Text SMS  in Urdu, Hindi For Mobile Phone
socha aap say baat karoon
Phir Socha,Ek mulaqaat Karoon
Phir Socha Q na Intezaar karoon
Phir.. Soocha …q na .. ek kaam karoon
ek piyaara sa sms aap k naam karoon
V…Is For Valentine, U R My Only Valentine
A…..Is For I Will Always Be urz
L…..Is For Love At Its Most Extreme
E…..Is For Everlasting Love Ecstatic Love.
N…..Is For Nvr Ending Love
T…..Is For We Will Always Be Together Forever
I…..Is For u Being Intelligent And Innocent;
N….Is For Natures Naughty Way Of Saying I Luv u 2
E…..Is For Eternity Our Love Is So Ever Lasting.

14th Feb Valentine Day Ko Loog Aysa Kia Karty Hain Kh Theakh 9 Month Baad 14 Nov Ko Children Day Manana Parta Hai???? 😀 :p

Koon rakhta hai yaad naamo ko?
Loog chehro ko bhool jatey hain
Tum samander kee baat karti ho
Log aankhon mein doob jatey hain
hapPpppy valentine’s day

Chehry Per Banawat Ka Gussa
Aankhon Say Chalakta Pyar Bhi Hai
Is Shauq E Ada Ko Kya Kahiye
Inkar Bhi Hai Iqraar Bhi Hai
hapPpppy Valentine’s day..

According To The Valentine Week Myth,
February 10th Is Called The Teddy Bear Day

‘u r The Twinkle Of My Eyes
The Smile On My Lips;
The Joy Of My Face;
Without u I m Incomplete.
Happy Teddy Bear Day’.

Honth keh nahi sakte jo fasana dil ka
Shayad nazar se woh baat ho jaye
Is umeed mein karte hain intezaar raat ka
ke shayad sapne mein mulaqat ho jaye
HapPpppy Valentines day

Valentines Day is a day of love, so muum,
I want to say that noone gives more love than u
u brighten everyday. u deserve my undying love,
u earned it from the start. So on Valentines Day I give to u.
A very special place in my heart!


Perfact love iz not receiving, it iz giving and forgiving.
perfact love iz not red roses on valentine day,
its the rest of 364 days of knowing you love someone

(  ‘o’  )
Can i stay here in your “inbox”and wait until 14 February?

So i can be the first to say you Advanced “Happyyyyyyyyy Velantines Day”

No greeting card to  give.
No sweet flowers 2 send.
No cute graphics to forward.
a LOVING HEART  sayin ‘HAPPPPPPPY valetine’s day
With lots of L0ve…………. :)


| *    * APPY.*
*.*DAY* * * *

L0ve is Life.L0ve is for Every1.So,Do L0ve n Spread L0ve.With lots of L0ve.

\\ ____ //
“””   “””

v alentine’s Day

When Some1 Who Iz Deeply
In Love With u Tells That
u r
Cute, Beautiful, & Angelic,
I Agree. It’s True,
Believe Me,
I Swear Because Love Iz Definitely Blind…. 😀 😀
Happy Valentines Day

Ur Name
Iz The Fire
BurnZ With Red Hot
FlameZ Of
Eternal Passion
On The
TabletZ Of My Heart
Happy Valentines Day

A Valentine iz nothing like
A chocolate r a rose.
For in a week these shall b gone,
But Valentines remain.
If love were always sweet 2 tongue
r fragrant 2 the nose,
Each day would be like Valentine’s,
And we would go insane.

Agr Koi Pyari Si larki Valentine’s Day
Per Apko “I LOVE You” Bole To 3 Batein Ho
Sakti Hain

Uski Aankhen Kharab Hain
Ya Uska Dimagh Kharab Hai
Ya Wo Khud Kharab Hai 😀 😀

Will u b my Valentine?
I know that I m urz.
u r like a tossing sea
And I m like ur shores.
u r like an endless wave
And I ur waiting sand.
And I will wait forever as
u come n smooth my hand.

I will wait forever, yet
u r a part of me.
I hold u in my arms, while u
Come to me endlessly.

Will u be my Valentine?
I know that I m urz.
I love u with a love that yearns
To b    “““““ ur golden shores .

Valentine is a “LOVELY” day 4 all”LOVERS”

& i think it’s also u! Because u r my sweet “VALENTINE”


Girl: Valentines Day Qareeb Hai JanuUUUUUUUUUU…

Kya Gift Do Gay?

Boy: Kya Chaiiiiiiiiy?

Girl: Ring
Boy: Ring Dounga Par Uthana Nahi,
Balanace Kam Hai Yaaar.:P

Without Lovedayz r
so be in Luv everyday
Wish you a Happpppppppppy Valentines Day!

………..TO MY……………….




……..AS THE ACEAN………….



,,,,,,,,,AS SPECIAL,,,,,,,,,,,,

.,.,.,.,.AS THE SKY.,.,.,.,

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