Use of Fiber Brush is best for Eye Shadows

Mostly Girls don’t bother to use eye shadow early in the morning. After some time this start to come in cluster shape and it looks very poor. According to specialist you think of it that your lashes are like a canvas. You are very careful to choose colors on it that your choice of perfect colors scheme build it beautiful. Eye shadow is like a same you need to follow these important tips so that it remains for a long time and show you lovely. For this purpose not to put heavy cream. At the day time you need to apply light cream which contains a layer of silicon so that it can absorb maximum natural oil on your skin. Not to put foundation or canceler on your lashes. Without these you can easily see effect of it. There is no need to use base because it make them heavy. Now a day there is a trend of flat brush available in the market it can make your eyes beautiful and pretty. Complete beauty tips are given below in Urdu. You can read it here and can apply it at home.

fiber brush benefit

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