Urdu Totkay Dant ka Dard

Some useful Totkay for domestics problems in Urdu

Here some home remedies about utensils cleaning, gum pain, feet smell etc are given in Urdu.

1. Cleaning of utensils:

First clean the utensil with water. When the oily layer removed, then used bath soap of any company. Shampoo, surf or desi soaps are strictly prohibited. Put soap on the steel wool and start to rub the steel wool on all sides of the utensils. As you rub the utensils, the utensils will neat and clean more.

2. The treatment for the pain of teeth, or gum pain:

Take half table spoon salt in half boiled water. Add one table spoon of sugarcane sap and start mouth washing. The pain will eradicate.

3.  Keep safe your face from pimples.

Soaked little amount Multani Soil in water for some time and apply it to your face. Pimples will be removed.

pain tips


4. Treatment for bite of the poisonous insects:

Whenever the poisonous insects e.g. wasp, scorpion or honey bee bite you, then take the sap of the onion and apply on the infected area. Eat some onion if possible. It is better and easy cure.

5. Remove water from ear:

Never use medicines when water enters into ear. Rather back walk will cause the removal of the water from ear.

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