Urdu Sweet Dish Recipe Russ Malai

Variety of meals is prepared in India and Pakistan. Many tasty ingredients and the healthy ones are utilized for this purpose. Everyone likes sweet dishes. People love to have one sweet dish with a meal like Kheer, Suji ka halwa, Sheer khorma. Russ malai is a famous dish. Everyone likes it so much. Children mostly prefer to have it. It is easy to make. Its flavor is so delicious. Its ingredients  are very useful and healthy.


Take Milk 2 and fat half kg, coconut, pistachio, roh kiora, silver leaf.


Heat up the milk until it remains very less in quantity. Shake the fat well and mix and mix it with the milk. Put coconut and pistachio in the mixture also. The recipe is ready and presents it to the guests with silver leaf. The guests will be very pleased to have it surely. You can claim your expertise by preparing it. It can easily be made at home. These guidelines are very interesting to follow on. These types of sweets are very popular in sub continent. Hopefully you will like it. All the details are given below in Urdu and you can read it.

                                      Sweet And Tasty Dish Recipe Russ Malai in Urdu

Ras malai


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