Urdu Recipes for Arabic Foods

Chicken 1kg (Small Segments)
Rice 1kg (wet in water till 20 minutes)
Salt According to Need
Garlic Powder 1 spoon
Red Pepper 1 Spoon (Cut)
Clove 6 to 8 Pieces
Small Cardamom 6 to 8 Pieces
Bay Leaf 1 to 2 Stick
Green Chili 3 to 4 Stick
Capsicum 2 pieces (Small pieces)
Hot Sauce 2 Spoon
Cooking Oil Half Bowl
Cook oil in a light fire temperature till 240 seconds in a skillet and fried it until 1 to 2 minutes by include in which a clove, Cardamom and bay leaf. Then cook it by putting in which a salt, garlic, and chicken, then mix it clearly. A complete tasty recipe is given below in Urdu you can read it here and can make a tasty meal. 
 arabic bread budding


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