Urdu Recipe Qeemay Walay Pakoray

Tasty Qeemay kay Pokoray Ramadan Iftar Recipe in Urdu

People love to make smart dishes in their homes. It is mostly dependent on weather conditions. As the weather becomes cool, such things are prepared. These are cherished by everyone. Pakoray is one of the major items in iftar in Pakistan and India. The ingredients are easily available in the market and method to cook is very simple.


Basin 2 and qeema semi full cup. Well cut potatoes and onion. Pepper, coriander 1 fist, anaardana 1 and red chilly 2 spoons. Salt as per taste, yogurt half cup and oil as per need.


Put the chicken in a pot and fry it slightly. Now put all the items in another vessel and mix them properly. These include coriander, onion and the rest of the inputs. Add water in it and after mixing well, place it for half an hour. Heat up the oil and put this paste in it. Your dish is ready to be served to the guests. Present it in a well-mannered style with tissues and in a beautiful plate. Hopefully you will like it and admire the way whole procedure has been explained. All the details are given below in Urdu and you can read it.

pakoray recepie


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