Food is a necessity of life. Humans are very critical to find new way and recipes to make delicious things. Now a day people are curious to find and consume new products to change their taste. International hotels are developing in the world and they are introducing their specialty in the foods markets. Humans love to go there and eat that kind of stuff. There is a tasty russian salad recipe with their ingredients and procedures. You can read it here,


  • Potatoes: 2 Segments (Boiled)
  • Apple: 2 Pieces
  • Chicken Breast: 2 Lump (Boiled)
  • Baneer 1 Cup
  • Fresh Cream 1 Small Bowl
  • Yogurt 1 Small Bowl
  • Mayonnaise 1 Cup
  • Salt According to Need


Initially cut potatoes and apples into foursquare pieces. After that convert hen meat into fine fibers. Now beat them by including cream, yogurt, mayonnaise and salt. After that mix them by putting potato, apple, baneer and chicken. Tasty russian salad is ready. You can serve it to the guest. Complete recipe of it is given below in Urdu. You can read it her and can try it at time.

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