Urdu Recipe For Chocolate Strawberries

Humans are very conscious about their diet. They are busy to try different method to build innovative food. For this purpose they have made a lot most tasty and delicious product. We love to eat. We want fresh taste to eat. We always busy to search new trends to consume. Producers are working very hard to develop new style of food. Sweets are very juicy and we love to consume it. There is a recipe of sweet which are,


•    Strawberry 1 Packet
•    Vanilla Essence Some Drops
•    Cocking Chocolate Half Cup
•    Icing Sugar 2 Table Spoon


Make it first to wash and retain it for freezing. Now take a pan and include in which cocking chocolate after that melt it by including vanilla essence. When it melt down then mix in which a sugar and stop the fire. Now take a cold fruit and dip it in the chocolate. After the one by one utilize this same procedure to every pieces of it and use large tray for that then keep it in the freezer. When it turns into enough ice then you can use it with Ice cream. A full recipe of it are given below in Urdu, you can read it here and can make it at home.

chocolate strawbryy

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