Urdu Recipe for Aro ka Shake

Urdu Drinks Recipes for Ramadan, Peach is a very tasty fruit and it has nutrition benefits. Shake of peach is very beneficial for health. You can use it in Ramadan as an iftar drink.


  • Peach 10 Pieces (Cut it into small pieces)
  • Almond Half Cup
  • Milk 2 Glass
  • Green Coriander 4 Segments
  • Honey Three Table Spoon
  • Raisins 5 Table Spoons
  • Sugar Five Putter
  • Ice According to Need


Initially boil the coriander in the Milk and retain it in the refrigerator to freeze it. After that dip the almond nuts in the water until 2 to 3 hours then separated the peal from it. Put the almonds and raisins in the grinder and mix it by including 2 to 3 putter milk clearly. After that when the mixture become solid then put it in the blending jug. After that mix in which a pieces of peach, honey, sugar & milk and blend it completely. Tasty shake is ready. You can serve it to the guest. Complete recipe is given below in Urdu. You can read it here and try it at home. This is a most healthy drinks for faster. It will regenerate the energy of faster after having a whole day in a fast position.

Arro milk shake

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