Urdu Recipe Chicken Corn Soup

                              Chicken Corn Soup Recipe In Urdu

Variety of dishes is the main identity of Asian families. Females are considered as expert in it. Guests are served with many types of meals. They feel honored and enjoy a lot. Chicken Corn is a delicious soup and its preparation method is so easy. It can easily be prepared at home. it is very useful in winter season, mostly people like thick soup with different things which you can include it for enhancing its taste as nuts etc. it is also good for patients.


Chick half kg, flour 2 spoons, 2 eggs, garlic 6 bales, ghee 2 spoons, maize one cup, onion 1 time, ginger half unit, salt as per taste


Cut the onion and garlic in small pieces. Then mix it along with salt in eight cups of water. Put the chicken in it as well and wait until it remains to a half. Now cook the maize beans in ghee. Add black pepper in it and cook for at least 20 minutes. Now cook further in a fry pan. Then mix the eggs and prepare the mixture. The tasty dish is ready and you can have it in your own style. Hopefully you will like it. It is cherished and preferred in many families. You will admire it after having it in to your exposure list.

chiken corn soup

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