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Urdu poetry is said to be an affluent and well-off folklore of poetry along with its many diverse forms. Urdu poetry is amazingly the one keeping in the interest of lots of people. A lot of poets have emerged on the scene in each century. Poets have conveyed their feelings through poetry and most of them have worked to give out the message to the world which, by other means was not possible. Poets have been an important part of every nation. They guide the people in a rhythmic but effective way which lasts long in their memory. Urdu poetry is quite effective and has given us a lot of legendary poets which will be discussed later here. It is generally a conclusion or in other words a combination of superimposition of typical Persian  poetry on the Khari Boli in the company of Sanskrit as its bedrock. Several of the lyrical forms and structures of the Urdu poetry have an Arabic foundation.

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Urdu Poets In History:

Today, it is considered as an important part of the cultures prevailing in South Asia. Legendary figures include Amir Khusro  and Kabir which are still considered as an inspiration to the later Urdu poets, and have even served as scholar, academic and linguistic sources. Few of the poets who held the Urdu poetry in their hands for a long period of time and still an inspiration are Meer, Dard, Ghalib, Anees, Dabeer, Iqbal, Zauq, Josh, Jigar, Faiz, Firaq, Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi, Shair, Mohsin and Faraz . These are considered as the greatest poets of Urdu. Poets and scholars were separated along the jingoistic lines when the Partition of India and Pakistan held back in the year 1947. However, the true essence of Urdu poetry is respected and appreciated in both the nations. Both the Muslims and Hindus from crossways boundary maintained the practice and keep it a good tradition.
It is typically an influential poetry. Most of the times Urdu poetry’s recital, is held in poetic expositions commonly known as Mushairas. Although the singing style of the poetry have changed a lot in the past few decades but still it is capable of keeping  its true essence within it. Urdu poetry’s esteem and status among a lot remains unaffected. Today Mushairas are held in worldwide urban areas because of its intellectual authority and influence of South Asian Diaspora. In regard to the Urdu poetry the Ghazal singing along with the Qawwali are still considered as an imperative expository forms of Urdu poetry. Even the movies have played a chief ingredient in popularizing and introducing Urdu poetry to the younger generations.


mirza ghalibFamous Poets Of Urdu Poetry SMS:

Few of the very famous Urdu poets are as under, who have succeeded to have a name in influential poetry.
Ahmed Faraz
Ahmed nadeen qasmi
Aitbar sajjid
Allama Muhammad Iqbal
Atif Saeed
Amjad Salam Amjad
Faiz Ahmed Faiz
Fakhira Batool
Farhat Abbas Shah
Habib Jalib
Ibn e Inshah
Mirza asad ullah khan ghalib
Mohsin Naqvi
Munir Niazi
Nasir Kazmi
Noshi Gillani
Parveen Shakir
Wasi Shah

Takhallus In Shaiyari:
In the Urdu lyrical practice, mostly a pen name commonly known as the Takhallus is used by the poets. The Takhalus could either be a part of a poet’s known first name or somewhat else taken as individuality by the poet itself.
Urdu poetry is written in the standard Nasta’liq calligraphy style of the Perso-Arabic script in Pakistan.

All of these poets have worked hard to take Urdu poetry to the highest levels of success.

Types of Urdu Poetry:


Ghazal is a anthology of shers or ashaar commonly called couplets which track the convention of ‘maqta’, ‘matla’, ‘qafiya’ ‘bahar’, and ‘radeef’. These couplets are absolute in themselves. All the couplets of a ghazal must
end in the same words (radeef)
be of the same bahar
have the same rhyming pattern (qaafiyaa)
maqta is said to be the part of gazal if it is there and is to be the last sher of the ghazal.


A symphony that comprises of only one sher is called Fard.


A typical Poem which is written in praise of God is Hamad.


A Humorous poetry is called ‘mazaahiyaa’ or ‘mazaakiyaa’ shaayari.


An ironic poem written to criticize or misuse or abuse a person is known as Hijv. This type of poetry is well thought-out as a substandard and normally avoided by alleged poets.


A special Poem typically written in praise of royalty, patrons, etc is known as Madah.


A poem that is particularly written to praise of the members of the family of the holy Prophet is known as Manqabat.


A funeral song which is particularly written to grieve or weep over the death of a great man or an extremely loved person is named as Marsiya. In its most particular sense, conventionally acknowledged in Urdu, a marsiya is an funeral song written specifically in tribute of the martyrdom of Hazrat Imam Husain and his comrades at Karbala.


A long descriptive poem which is quite long than the gazal – exemplifying spiritual, romantic, passionate or didactic stories is known as Masnavi. It is written with each couplet having a diverse rhyme and radeef in rhyming couplets.


An expressive poem that is written to offer prayers to God is called Munaajaat.


A poem in which each component contains 6 lines is known as Musaddas. The most popular well written Musadas was Maulana Altaf Husain Hali.


A poem typically written in praise of the Holy Prophet is known as Naat.


In a wider logic, nazm is a term normally used to describe all types of Urdu poetry which do not descend into any other group. But in a literary logic, a nazm is a well structured, reasonably developing poem where each verse serves as a necessitate of the fundamental thought or idea of the poem.


A panegyric or a kind of poem which is typically written in praise of a king or a nobleman, or a benefactor is known as Qasdia. Fascinatingly, the ghazal is said to be evolved from the qasida.


A poem comprised of four lines which are in the form of two shers is known as Qataa. However, the theme of the two shers is the strongly the same.


Conventionally a devotional song showing the love and oneness with God Almighty, which is sung by a group of people to the adjunct of musical instruments?  In today’s world qawaallis cover up well-liked topics like love and wine etc.


An independent quartrain, rhyming and trading normally with a particular thought, which is habitually introduced and urbanized with the assist of metaphors in the first three lines however is concluded, with rigorous effort and brunt, in the fourth line.


A salutary poem which is written typically in praise of the Holy Prophet is called Salaam. It could be a kind of poem recounting the confrontation of Karbala.


A song which is normally sung at the time of fastening the seharaa throughout the nuptials ceremony is called Seharaa. It is usually sung to congratulate the bride or groom and their associations.


A poem which is written to describe the annoyance and negligence of a lover is called Vaasokht.

Modern Urdu Poetry SMS:


faiz ahmed faizUrdu poetry is quite famous with the youth as well and the most important way of its growth is via a sms i.e. Short Message Service. Mobile phone and its use have become an important part of life within people of every age. Texting and forward message sending appeared as a great time pass today and people use it in a beneficial way too. With the help of a short message a quite effective message could be delivered instantly. Urdu poetry in text messages is a common practice to be done by the youth, they kept on forwarding the poetry normally comprises of one to 2 shair or could be a nazam or gazal. A common practice of sending funny poetry is also seen along with the innovative and romantic poetry in text messages.

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