Urdu Moral Story Jin Ki Dairy

Saira Ghafoor is an article writer. She wrote here a moral story on JIN KI DIARY.

27 Aug, 2000

It was my first day in school. Sir is very strict. No one is like him as I don’t. Actually he wanted to make us a good person. Either it is right that he is strict but he is a kind professor.

30 Dec, 2000

Today I am going to the new class. Master is thinking that I am an able student. But it is possible only because of him.

4 May, 2005

Now I am going to be free from my school. Today what I am, is only because of my teacher. I am going to be missed my schools and their rules and regulation.

29 May, 2005

Today is a party. Everyone is crying and I am very disappointed as we are leaving our institution. Anyhow party was very nice. We enjoyed a lot. We performed parody of our instructor. They admired our efforts and gave us plenty of prayers.

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