Urdu Moral Story Ilm Ki Roshni

Hamna Masood a very beautiful and intelligent lady. She has a great sense of writing. She discussed a nice article about “Ilm ki Roshani”. In the world of human there are a lot of people who start bad work. They are doing it for reason and situation made them to adopt this way. Globe is on the progress and there are very sharp children. They are creative in nature and have a great sense of humor. Everyone is not a like everybody. Some children indulge in wrong activities and they have waste their future to involve in which. Siddique was 9 years old when his father passed away. There are 3 members of his family. He has one sister and a lovely mother. His family condition is going to be very miserable after a mishap of his father tragedy. Due to the lack of resources they were unable to meet daily expenditure of home. Continuously 3 days of hunger Siddique started robbery. His mother tried a lot not to do that but he said if I not do it then my sister health would be affected. Once he caught and full story of this beautiful column is given below in Urdu. You can read it here and can get an amazing lesson from it.

ilm ki fazeelat


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