Urdu Lateefy For Kids

Everyone wants to stay happy and to do that he is involving in a multiple kind of activities. In the daily stress of life persons get bore and start to do which makes them pleasant. There is some kind of people who has a great sense of humor. They try to make other happy and pleasant. We love to remain in this type of personality who makes us laugh. Government involves in different type of works like Television and Radio to stay human healthy and delightful. Puns are an activity which build us and create us active to do their work right. Laugh is necessary for a healthy life and if we don’t do that we would be sick. There are always some kind of friend who has humorous personality and we love to listen his remarks. There are some Urdu jokes related to teachers, students, parents, Americans, police, villagers, doctors, patients, husband and wife etc which are very amusing. You enjoy these laughable texts and share with friends and children; you can please them with these simple and interesting jests. A complete list of puns is given below. You can read it here and develop a wonderful sense of humor.

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