Urdu Islamic Article Ahle Duzakh by Aneela Perveen

Anila Perveen a very beautiful and pretty lady. She has a high standard of writing. She earns a lot of fame by writing different articles on different topic. She has a great exposure of information. Her script style makes us able to understand and know about thing clearly and briefly. She discussed about Islamic information. Islam is a very famous and kind religion. Here everyone call with respect. It provides a height of respect to female which never ever think of it before and after. It is a wonderful religion as all of their chapters are full of beneficial and confident. She wanted to awake people and recognize your position. She afraid them by explaining plenty of Almighty Allah preach and realize them to see where you are standing. Story of people who regretted these hollies preaches of Islam and got trouble. One gets everything which he/she by following and adopting a right way. Here we come for a purpose to worship Allah by full of mind and stay away from an evil. A full column related to this beautiful message are given below in Urdu, you can read it here and can get an idea what is actually true and where you are standing.

Ehl e dozakh

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