Urdu Islamic Article about Importance of Dua (Prayer) in Islam

Urdu Article about importance of prayer (Dua) in Islam written by Maulana Umair Ahmed Siddiqui. Islam is a most lovely and beautiful religion all over the world. Almighty Allah made this word and born humans and Giants for the worship of him. Muslim are the beautiful community who have believed that if they act according to the rules and regulation, they will be awarded with Jannat. Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) was our last holly prophet. He provided us a platform where we should be gathered properly. He teaches us how to survive in the world. They took a gift of Namaz for us from the Arsh e Mualla. Prayer is a most wonderful and amazing worship. Someone asked to the Prophet (SAWW) either Allah is closed or far away from us? At the time of Dua either we should speak loudly and silently. This was a matter, after that an order came from Allah, I am very close to you. When you pray I listen it and replied on it as well. Complete column contain an importance of DUA. You can read it here and get knowledge of it.

Dua kee ehmiat

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