Urdu Islamic Moral Story Hasad

Urdu Islamic Moral Story for Children Written By Sunbal Gul. There was a forest where everyone live happily. Chonku Cock was one of them who lives there. All the animals respect him very much. He was doing most important task to offer Azan. After that all of them were ready to offer prayer. It was a main reason of his reputation. Although he has a great character by seeing this everyone respect him. There was a Tono Cock who was very jealous of it. He always try to think that how to disregard him. He made a lot of plan for this purpose but always he fails. Once there was huge gathering in the jungle at time, Chonku came by seeing him all of them stand up with his grace. It was a very jealousy moment for Tono. He was thinking all the time what to do. Suddenly he got an idea. After getting it he slept comfortably and awoke up at 03:00 Am. He started to offer Azan. Other animals of the jungle awoke up and worried what happened to the Chonkuu. Complete story related to the moral lesson topic is given below in Urdu. You can read it here and can get an idea of it.

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