Urdu Funny Jokes For Adults

People live in mentally stress all time because  many problems come in our life which we face so we need some relief, then we search source of entertainment. Jokes is one good way for laughing and relaxation. Comics make someone happy and force him/her to smile. It is a different activity with full of humorous and fun. It is an effort of a person to build and create an environment by doing or speaking something which capture attention of people and insist them to laugh. Society like to talk and spend their time  with those person who has humorous personality as they never bore them and try them to beam by using and playing wonderful comic act. Here are some interesting Urdu lateefy on different topics as like thief, husband wife, father son, women, villager, beggar, student and teacher etc. There is another funny interview for your enjoyment. A complete list of pun are given below in Urdu, you can read it here and can make others happy by speaking hilarious words and gesture.

adults joke

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