Urdu Food Recipe Kashmire Biryani

Many types of meals are prepared in sub continent. Females are considered to be expertise in it. They surely make tasty meals which are admired by the whole family. In the same way, guests are also served with variety of dishes. Everyone like rice. People cook through different methods. It is a very famous recipe. It is also very spicy, delicious and tasty especially for youngsters. Chicken is very useful for health. The ingredients are very simple and you can easily make it. It can be prepared at any time with much convenience.


Rice 1 kg, ghee 1 quarter, salt as per taste, onion 1 fist, spices, watermelon, papita 1 by 4, apricot, almond, garlic, ginger.


Dip the rice in to water for an hour after properly washing. Heat up the ghee in a vessel and cook onion in it until it becomes brown. Mix the ginger, garlic and spices in it. Add soup in it also which was already prepared. When the water becomes dry add wet and dry fruits in it. After all this cover it properly. Take 5 to 10 minutes and the recipe is ready. Serve the biryani with yogurt and salad. All the details are given below in Urdu and you can read it.

                                    Delicious Kashmiri Chicken Biryani Recipe In Urdu

Kashmiri bryani

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