Urdu Food Recipe For Meethe Samose

Meetha Samosa Recipe In Urdu

Samosa is a very tasty food item. It is used with tea and some time you can enjoy it without tea. Sweet samosa is very rare yet it is also very tasty the recipe is also not difficult as you can bake it easily. People to love to have it in romantic and cold weather. Normally these are preferred in small sittings.


Flour 250, milk 250, ghee 250. sugar 200, Carrot paste fifty gram, pistachio 7 units, apple paste 50 gram, almonds 10 and coconut 10 grams, cardamom 4 units, kishmish 25 gram.


Take a vessel, put water and sugar in it until it boil. In another pot, put flour and 1 spoon ghee along with salt. Then use one more pot and put coconut, cardamom, kishmish, carrot thick shake and mix it well. Make pouri of the flour and paste the mixture on it. Make it of triangle shape. Then the sweet dish is ready. You can serve it to the guests in a good manner by adorning the plat with tissues. You will be glad to prepare it at home. Hopefully you will like the procedure. The ingredients are very simple and easily understandable. All the details are given below in Urdu and you can read it.

meetha samosa


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