Urdu Column(Pakistan Kamyab Dushmanon Ke Hisar Main)By Abdul Qadir Hassan

                          Express Daily Newspaper Urdu Column On Long March

The present article was published on 15th Feb, 2013. The topic is the PAT strike and the reaction of Government. He said that if we have to make a small gathering in to a big, then do something against them, they will become big. He quoted a story from the campaign of Bhutto. He was going to have a public gathering and the commissioner was his friend. He asked him to beat the audience. He left no stones unturned and beaten them properly. Same is the case with PAT march. Govt should take precautionary measures for them instead of going aggressive with them. Due to independence and support of media, every scene is being captured and the attitude of Qadri is becoming aggressive. Pakistan is already divulged in to serious issue. The debate of Shia and Sunni is enough to spread the anarchy in the country. More than 80 dead bodies are placed on the road and they are waiting were their burial. This is a very sad situation. Qadri movement is taking pace and is also seeing himself as coming prime minister. These are the facts which we have to bear. All the details are given below in Urdu and you can read it.

Tahir ul qadri

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