Urdu Column Yeh Aap Ne Kya Takaluf Kia Shahbaz Sahab On Corruption

This article was published on 4th March 2013 on personality of Shahbaz Sharif. Further debate is on metro bus project. The chief minister has signatures on transparency International MOU. He has presented himself in front of this institution to check the corruption allegations on him. He is trying to prove that his all mega projects are solely for the sake of general public but critics are not ready to accept it. An interesting poetry has also been linked to this topic. The writer says that we live in a society where every good act is debated. Corruption is in large scale in our society but nobody accept it and people who are involved, blame others. They do not think that their act hurts the person who is being discussed. The complete passion of the good persons is lost when they are not credited for it. The writer explained his traveling experience in this bus. He enjoyed it and felt as if his in a foreign country. He attended the inauguration ceremony also. He said that in our state, we keep on neglecting the positive acts and like to quote the mistakes of every one. All the details are given below in Urdu and you can read it.

Rozan e Deewar Se Urdu Columns By Attaul Haq Qasmi

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