Urdu Column Tehreek e Insaf Taza Edition By Hassan Nisar

This column was published on 9th March 2013. The topic was intra party elections of  Tehreek E Insaaf and Noon League activities. Writer says that solar lamps and Lap Top are foolish projects which they initiated to win public favor for coming selection. They cannot become good leaders as they are following the traditional practices. Both parties are coming again and again and one after the other. People are fed up from these Dramas. Their exile to Jeddah is also discussed in column. Nice Urdu poetry is explained related with this topic and the whole context. The writer wants to express that now we have to decide that who is really eligible to be representative of the nation. Many other famous political and Mystic personalities are also debated here like Maulana Fazalu Rahman, Asif Ali Zardari, Rasheed Bhatti, Husain Haqqani, Shah Hussain, Waris Shah, Baba Fareed. They say that we are working for democracy but in realty they are giving chances to each other. They are corrupt and not suitable as rulers on us. You can evaluate the response of public from the groups in which you daily sit. They will tell you that to whom they voted.

Political Parties And Election 2013 In Pakistan


tehreek e insaaf tazah edition

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