Urdu Column Teen March On Asfahani Road Blast In Karachi By Javed Chaudhry

This column was published on 5th March. It discussed a tragic story of a recent explosion in Karachi. The story of a poor man is quoted here which died in this explosion. A suspected suicide bomber attacked Muslims when they were leaving mosque and finished the life of dozens people. Writer described that many other persons like the one illustrated in the article, died in that regretful incident. It was a heartrending situation for a man who just crossed by that road. He was not expecting at all that this will be his last journey. He labored for days and nights. His mother worked hard to groom him. Many people are homeless due to this incident. Every suffered person left a question on this government that what was it their fault? Terrorism is a routine crime in Pakistan these days. A single blast leaves many mothers weeping and mourning forever. Now it’s time to take serious steps to eradicate this curse. We as a nation have to take responsibility in eliminating this curse. Politicians will have to do some big decisions if they are sincere with the nation and they really want to end it. All the details are given below in Urdu and you can read it.

Karachi 2013 Bomb Blast Finished Dozens of Lives

bomb blast in pakistan urdu article

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