Urdu Column Shafeeq Uraf Chheeko By Javed Chaudhry

This article was published on 9th March occurrence which is very shameful for Pakistan. It is not based on reality. Personal issues are the reason of this havoc. Dozens houses and shops were burnt in few minutes. Writer described this all situation as a curse on our system. It is the fault of government which does not make proper rules and regulation for such acts. Religious sect and class differences are spreading everywhere. We have our own Mosque and no one from other sect is allowed to enter in it. Rest of the society is disbelieved. We can kill hundreds of people in a moment on the name of Islam. We do not bother to find the reason of the issue. People have become enemies of each other. This incident shows that there is no difference between Hindus of Gujrat and Pakistani mass. The whole country is a mad house. The incident of Babri Mosque has also been quoted in context. If our firm is faith on Allah and Holy Quran then these aggressive reactions does not suit us because our Holy Prophet has given us the lesson of peace. The complete article is given below in Urdu and you can read it.

The Destruction Of Christian Area In Lahore


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