Urdu Column Rapid Rona Valenstine’s Day Aur Yom-e-Hiya By Hassan Nisar

This article was published on 15th February 2013. The writer criticizes the Punjab Government projects because all projects have flopped. The main focus is on Rapid bus project which is a true example of failure. He further described all social evils which are spreading in Pakistan. No one is bothered to eradicate them. He explained the entire situation in harsh words. He said that the difference in good and bad governance is of priorities. The rulers are given hundreds of policemen but public is unsafe. All the material which was assisting the grilled van project has become a scrap. We have to play our part in coming elections. We must show that we have become mature enough to select the representatives. We are busy in celebrating our birthday parties and valentine days. We should be aware that one year from our life is going to decrease but we are presenting gifts to one another. We celebrate the respect days but don’t change our behaviors. We are busy in providing low quality milk. Schools are captured by animals and fake degrees are the trend. This is foolish behavior of our people because they adopt Western culture and it does not suit to us. All the details are given below in Urdu and you can read it.

Choraha Famous Urdu Column By Hasan Nisar

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