Urdu Column Raja Sahab Ne Akhri Moqa Bhi Ganwa Dia By Javed Chaudhry

This article was published on 14th February 2013. The person under consideration is Pakistani president Raja Pervez Ashraf. he said that this was the last chance for the said minister to avail but he wasted it. His lifestyle is compared with British President David cameron and life of Obama. The writer further added that instead of spending the time in Govt. allotted buildings of 100 acres, they should live in simplicity. Foreigners love their leaders because they are the real representatives of the nation. We should try to adopt the good things in their characters. Our politicians are unable to move a single step without dozens of security setups. Abroad ministers are totally independent and they pay their bills by standing in rows and get the tickets of cinema properly. But the scenario is totally opposite here. Why they do not pay attention that what is the reason behind non provision of gas in our country and continuous flow of these facilities in other parts of the world. The visit of our prime minister to “10 Downing Street” is also discussed here. Our politicians just go there, enjoy and return back. They are not bothered that how to solve the prevailing problems. All the details are given below in Urdu and you can read it.

Urdu Columns Zero Point From Express Newspaper

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