Urdu Column On PTI Intra Party Election Tehreek Insaf Ka Jamhuri Thapar

This column was published on 1st March 2013, on a historical step by PTI leadership. The Intra party elections were conducted in the political party which gave a real democratic touch. Men and women of all age groups voted in those elections and selected the part chairman. This is big slap on the face of those which claim that Tehrik e Insaaf is losing its position in the country. This rain of drop will work as a storm in future to eliminate the old political culture of Pakistan. Nawaz Sharif is surrendering the Punjab also, while hi is trying to capture Sindh. This thing is as worthy as the world cup, cancer hospital and other such achievements. The culture of courtesy should not be promoted and democracy in true sense should be enhanced. Those channels which show the mismanagement in crowd of IK Jalsa, are not brave to show such problems in other corporate gatherings which involved the element of food. This is a very critical and intense factor which can urge people to be out of control at any time. Noon League projects  like Lap Top, Solar lamp, and  Metro Bus are cherished daily but the fact is not revealed that people are disparate about the prevailing conditions which are getting worst. Well. Well done Imran Khan and Congratulations to you on the success.

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