Urdu Column On Poverty In Pakistan By Hassan Nisar

On 30th March 2013 the Urdu article on the topic of unfair division of wealth in Pakistan was published because some families have occupied the wealth and government. Humans are living in slavery and now this state has fallen from poverty line. Hunger, inflation, illiteracy, unemployment, pollution, health problems have spread everywhere and most of us are victims of social evils. Tolstoy and Bernard Sha quotes on poverty are also include here. Resources have been distributed poorly and humans are spending life like animals. Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) said that a society can stay on disbelief but cannot live on cruelty. We are not honest with our state but put charge on America. According to “United Nations Organization” we are at 146 in number which are working for the better livelihood of a common man but at the 2nd number in purchasing the war related weapons. Tolstoy rightly said that “in present system which is prevailing, one cannot live without emptying the neighbors’ pocket”. We are ready to fight with them but not agree to distribute the resources with justice.The country is very behind from India and Bangladesh in health and educational sector.Our political leaders are cause of this situation because they did not properly contribute for the betterment of the country even after 65 years. The complete detail is given in Urdu below and you can read it.

Column On 65th Years Of Islami Jamhooria Pakistan

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