Urdu Column Mera Hum Omar’Hum Asar Aur Hum Zuban By Abdul Qadir Hassan

Column About Munno Bhai In Gher Siyasi Batain

This column was published on 7th February 2013. The writer described 3 similarities between himself and the other fellow “Munnu Bhai”. He described the concept of birthday’s celebrations trend in Pakistan. He further added that in village life there is no concept of celebrating such things. He made a comparison in childhood and old age in beautiful way. A quotation from the “Quran” is also given here which depicted this thing. The holy book says that the elder age is a period in which the man becomes dependent on the healthy persons. This is similar to childhood. It is a very critical time of life. He discussed about his friends fracture and his journey of India. He further discussed the difference between electronic and print media. He said that he could not work on TV shows because has problems in spoken. So he is confined to print resources. Same is the case with the other author debated in the article. He said that the written material tells about your inner thoughts. It is based on you intellect. The TV programs are based on the ability of speaking fluently and sometimes without purpose conversation. All the details are given below and you can read it.


hum umar

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