Urdu Column Kitni Dair By Javed Chaudhry On End Of Indifference

This article was published on 7th March 2013 on Pakistani Government and Raymond Davis which was  Sargent of American Army. He killed two Pakistani boys in Lahore. A big amount was given to the parents of the departed souls. This issue spread in all over the world and Americans took all steps for his safety. All the officials started to prove him innocent and honest person. They were even ready to sacrifice their allies and a big partner. Even then they were angry at their ally country. When he bate to an American person, they arrested him and sent him into prison jail. When he was in Pakistan ha was supported by his state and NATO supply was also stopped from it,s old rout. Writer described the whole story because our government is careless about their duties. Every coming day, many incidents are happening in Pakistan as like 3rd March bomb blast in Karachi and dozens of people died there. Nobody showed any action on that havoc. Be Nazir Bhutto murder is discussed here because it also needs to be answered. The entire story is given below in Urdu and you can read it.

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