Urdu Column Katab-e-Taqdeer Nah Banen By Hassan Nisar

This article was published on 13th February 2013. The topic under debate is the foolish speeches of Pakistani leaders. They do not think even a single time before speaking. They are just delivering vocals and nothing more than that. This is the reason that they are not effective. Their announcements are based on fake promises. Many quotations of famous personalities have been given in this article.The writer especially pointed out Nawaz Sharif. These days he is just saying ” we will change the fortune of people”. Our politicians do not pay attention to their words which they speak. They throw them away and move on. They do not know the value of talk. A person can be judged in few minutes during his conversation. They try to prove that they are 2nd Quaid e Azam and Ibne Qasim. One should be very careful during his speech. The selection of sentences is done very poorly in our country. It is rightly said that “keep silent or let the words worth more than the silence”. If we start following these guidelines the success is not for away. The detailed column is given below in Urdu and you can read it.

Choraha Urdu Columns From Daily Dunya By Hassan Nisar

taqdeer na banain


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