Urdu Column Humary Hukmran Wo Din Hawa hoey By Abdul Qadir hassan

                               Express Daily Newspaper Column In Urdu

The article was published on 16 January, 2013 column is about our leaders misunderstanding that people give them respect and they will keep on doing so. A time comes when you cannot control your temperament. Pakistani rulers have habit that when they pass any road they block the ways and public watch them and wait till they cross the area. The writer said that people are very angry with their representatives. He further added that politicians are not realizing that they are in a serious threat and being observed by the mass. Their all respect will be gone when they will not deliver up to their best. They are not sincere with the country. He said that at present the heirs of Quetta attack martyred are sitting in front of Governor house and they require justice. They even attacked the Noon league delegation and they survived some how and ran away. Same can happen when they will not provide the facilities. They have snatched gas, electricity and everything. Nation is very disappointed. Their patient has ended and they are ready to stand against the Government. they will go at their best in any movement for change. All the details are given below and you can read it.


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