Urdu Column Hum Ne Wo Kia Jo 65 Barson Mein Nahi Hua By Javed Chaudhry

This article was published on 28th February 2013 on dialog of Prime minister. He says that the way they performed their responsibilities, no one could do it in the previous 65 years history. He further added that they worked hard for the better sake of the country but writer is disagree with him. Writer described all bad condition of Pakistan as like law and order situation of Karachi and its nearest areas. The conditions are in certain to an extent that none of the politicians is able to walk on the road without security officials and guards.  Transport, Health, Security and Sentry system has flopped. This Government even after spending many years is unable to deliver. Problems are still there. They have not given a single quality food or vegetable street in capital of Pakistan. Sanitation system is zero and people are compelled to drink mineral water. 90 percent of citizens of Islamabad are drinking the bottled water. These are the efforts of this party which are apparent on the scene. The schools are of low quality and working on very poor machinery. He said that they have given us just darkness and nothing else. All the details are provided below in Urdu and you can read it.

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islamabad in 1965


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