Urdu Column Election Walon Ki Batain By Abdul Qadir Hassan

This article was published on the topic of election 2013 and political rivalry. Voting day has come near but hostile elements are still trying their best for system deterioration. Especially India is playing main role in stopping or delaying the selection time. All the parties are organizing meetings and public gatherings. The purpose is to win somehow. Some are changing their parties and using different tactics. We have to be careful in electing the representatives. We often make wrong choice and then curse our fate. Unity with PTI and Jmaaat E Islami was expected but it could not be so. Those which are trying to postpone the electoral process are unable to do so. The reason is that it happens when law and order situation becomes so worse that life is at risk by coming out of home. This is not the condition of Pakistan at present. Few bodies are working for it by financially supporting to the persons who are against Pakistan. They want to destroy this state by different means. Present status of ministers has also been quoted, about their work or rest efforts. All the story is given below in Urdu also and you can read it.

Column On Elections And Imran Khan In Ghair Siyasi Batian

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