Urdu Column Doctor Mohammad Ali Siddiqui, Ijaz Ahmed Ijaz Aur Mian Abbas Ki Yad Mein

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The article was published on 17th Jan, 2013 about three personalities who passed away few days ago. It is a fact that everyone has to leave this world today or the other day. We are here just temporarily. We burry our near ones and keep on doing our routines. This is a very important moment and we should learn from it. This is the way of knowing the meaning of life. Dr, M. Ali Siddiqui was one of the dead persons and friends of the author. He was a critical writer. He wrote so many essays and columns. The other friend was Ijaz Ahmed and he was a poet. His personality was very impressive and his friends liked him very much. He lived in London. His poetry is well admired by everyone. The author once met with Abbas who was one of the brothers of Nawaz and Shahbaz. He was also a great man. The theme given here is that we also have to die and we should not forget it. At the end prays have been made for the departed souls. These were nice gentlemen. They were good human beings. All the details are given below in Urdu and you can read it.

mian abbas sharif kee yaad main

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