Urdu Column By Javed Chaudhry Kamran Fesal Ke Baad Kis Ki Bari Hai

This article was published on 24th January 2013  about murder of Kamran Faisal. He was 34  years old. He belonged to Mian Chunon Pakistan. He was the member of investigation team of rental power case and did main work in this case. He was an honest officer. They gave rental power project report to supreme court and in this report 20 persons were named as  criminals. Then supreme court ordered to arrest these criminals including prime minister Raja Pervez Ashraf. At that time Tahir ul Qadri was sitting in D chowk along with his followers. At that Nawaz Sharif helped Pervez Ashraf to save the face, otherwise the Govt, was about to derail. Facts proved that Rehman Malik was willing to launch operation against the strikes at D chowk but chief commissioner did not give him permission. If this would happen then chances were there that whole blue area could have been fired. Kamran Faisal was murdered in a night and later on some forces tried to prove it as suicide. But few important questions are there which clearly tell that it was a killing case. The phone calls data is also available. The alleges are trying to wipe out all the proofs. All the details are given below in Urdu and you can read it.

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