Urdu Column By Javed Chaudhary Jis Din

Express Daily Newspaper Urdu Column

The publishing date of this article is 29th January 2013. The topic under consideration is beauty of Skardu, Shangrila, kachorra lake, Khaplu, Shager and Deo Saai. These are the most beautiful places of our country. It is a true representative of natural beauty. All seasons of this subcontinent leave lovely effects on these areas. Moreover the writer is disappointed from latest conditions of Pakistan. Our behaviors are very community specific by nature. None of us is sincere with the other. Religious issue is seemed to be under debate everywhere. The innocent wish by the Pakistani nation is to invite Shahrukh Khan to the country. But the thing is this that will he be safe here? We are bound to speak as per the sect of the audience. Some areas are Shia while others are Suni restricted and prohibited. We have to get rid of this problem first. The writer further added that whenever he says prayer, he remains afraid of the sects and their allegation on me of being non Muslim. This approach will hinder our progress as a nation. Column writing has become very difficult due to growth of communities in Pakistan. All the details are given below in Urdu and you can read it.



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