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Daily Express Newspaper Urdu Column

The present article was published on 22nd January 2013. The topic under debate is all the political parties 0f Pakistan. In start a very beautiful and result oriented tale has been quoted about two persons. One was just praying and the other was having a feel for serving the humanity also. The 2nd got the success and achieved his mission. Indirectly the writer is saying that when all the parties can combine for their own purposes on a single issue. Then why they do not join hands to end corruption and other evils. When they all can stand to save the democracy, then why they do not stand up to elicit all the bad things from the state. Why they cannot play their role in paying taxes and making the things available with less prices. In fact the reason is the lack of sincerity. Everyone is determined to fill his own pocket. The 1st priority should be Pakistan. They just criticize each other in all the matters and do not work for progress of country. Column discussed some other subjects as like Kashmeer problem, Afghanistan and Iran matter, Drown attacks, Wrong policies of Pakistani politicians, Rental power case etc, Column talks about personality of  Nawaz Shrif  and Asif  Zardari. All the details are given below in Urdu and you can read it.

political parties 0f Pakistan

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