Urdu Column By Hassan Nisar Shoshe Se Shosha Tak

Daily Newspaper Dunya Urdu Column

This article was published on 6th February 2013. The topic under debate is a political party of Pakistan. Writer made a critic on Muslim League Noon because they start many projects but all are flop. These plans are not helpful for state. They mad ea fake promise of giving employment to at least 1 member of every family. This scheme also ended before its start.  They are true example of corruption and bad governess. All the mega projects intended to implement have gone to null. They make fake promises with the people. They are not sincere with the nation. The problems are still there and none of them has been solved. The situation is apparent for everyone, then how they can win the elections? Those which are ready to make independent survey are already on Noon League payroll. They are just making us fool. They try to save their own resources and as minimum people as they can. In Government matters they employ more than needed persons. Place where one person is required, they recruit ten for that place. The result is the inefficiencies appear. Low quality products are produced. All the details are given below in Urdu and you can read it.



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