Urdu Column By Hassan Nisar Asghar Khan Case Aur Tex Chor Rehnuma

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This article was published on 4th February 2013 on the topic of Asghar Khan case. Now it is behind the screen of media because we favor those persons who have strong standings. The writer wants to elaborate a very serious concern that we are not sincere with our country. We tell our weaknesses to others. We omit the big events while inflame and exaggerate the small issues. We say a person coward but enemies are accepting his courage to cross the rivals border and coming back safely. Our media is mum on that case and other issues like nude scenes by Veena Malik are our hot burning problems. We are cursing our system while we are part of it and playing our role in poisoning it. He further added that we call thief to a man who steals the lid of main whole but those who have stolen the whole election are not thieves. They are being skipped intentionally. It was the best time to eradicate such curses and make the system clean. The writer said that coalition if corrupt and crooks has become our fate. All the details are given below in Urdu about the entire story and you can read it as well.

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