Urdu Column By Abdul Qadir Hassan Siasatdan Election Aur Voter

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The article was published on 30th January 2013. The issue under debate is elections. People are waiting for it. They want the time to come when they will be able to change the present Government. They are fed up from the prevailing conditions. The rulers have done nothing and they are a burden on the state. Few politicians wish to abandon the upcoming selection process because their ills will be revealed. Those woe were unable to deliver will wipe up from the stage. No one will elect them again. So they want that elections may not be held this time. They are using legal and ill legal sources for this purpose. Pakistani people do not have the passion to bear them more. All politicians are responsible for this bad situation of Pakistan and now they are near to destroy it. The bad acts done by the upper level politicians become a curse for the nation. We ultimately have to face the music. They are not sincere with the country. They just love the luxurious life with all the perks. They are happy from their reign because it is a source of earning for them. All the details are given below in Urdu and you can read it.

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