Urdu Column By Abdul Qadir Hassan Pakistaniyon Ke Liye Dhamkiyan He Dhamkiyan

Daily Urdu Express  Newspaper, By Abdul Qadir Hassan Gheir Siaasi Batien

The article was published on 9th January, 2013 column is about political conditions of Pakistan which is so dangerous for citizens. The main focus is on Tahir Ul Qadri march for Islamabad. He is threatening everyone. The writer further added that he is also afraid that when will they attack. Their plans are very strange. They want to seize the whole city. They will come back when their all unreasonable demands will be fulfilled. People will sit in the open air. This is a very bad activity by their leader. Altaf Hussain also says that he will throw drones. Mass is threatened that what will happen in future. The main difference between the two people is that the former informs before going to act. In this way the persons and area which is going to be affected, forecasts the possible measure. It assists them to face the challenging situation. It is a shame for us that we have such representatives which are being funded by the foreigners. They are not sincere with us at all. They are being used. All the details are given below in Urdu and you can read it.

drone attacks


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