Urdu Column By Abdul Qadir Hassan Pakistan Ke Mosamo Ke Rang

                   Express Newspaper Urdu Column By Abdul Qadir Hassan

The present article was published on 2nd January, 2013 column about the four seasons and beauty of Pakistan. The writer added that every season has its own charm and Pakistan is blessed with 4 of them. One brings too much cold and the other comes with warmth at its peak. He shared his own situation that he was not in a position to leave the home due to cold weather. He further told that when Malaysian president came here and he asked that what did he like? He answered that he love the red roses. Despite his own country is full with greenery. President told the reason that these flowers did not work in his country so he love them. A beautiful verse of Ahmed Mushtaque is also include in the article. The natural beauty of the state is well elaborated here. When leaves fall from the trees in autumn, that moment is worth seeing. When those leaved are crushed under feet, it looks so different. This is very informative writing. It always seems good to have information about the natural things. All the details are given below in Urdu and you can read it.

Dr. Tahir ul qadri

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