Urdu Column By Abdul Qadir Hassan Khan Qayum Khan Ki Pesh Goi

                                         Express Daily Newspaper Urdu Column

This article was published on 23rd January 2013 about personality of Khan Qayum Khan. The writer discussed all the basic points of his reign. He was a politician and once said that i do not capture the people who take bribe, because they will kill him. He belonged to province Sarhad and no named as Pakhtounkhah. He was a brave and harsh person. He made a political party and then gave it to Bhutto. He was a straight forward man. He made the process of passport receiving more easy. He was right in saying that he is afraid of being killed, but it is much applicable to the prevailing conditions of Pakistan. We have seen that Kamran Faisal has been killed already. He was a diligent and honest person and badly treated by the rude enemies. He was murdered due to his honesty. If we a have a look at the Government, we can see that one minister has been accused of corruption and other such acts. So he has been punished for that. Another minister is ready to take that punishment also. This is a disastrous situation. We should always make good perceptions of people in our minds. All the details are given below in Urdu and you can read it.



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