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The publishing date of this article is 28th, January 2013. The topic under debate is the recent pronouncement of Bushra Ansari. She is a very good actress. An Indian TV channel made a live call to her and asked about a Hindu extremist community. But instead of cursing them she started to speak ill about factors which are spreading terrorism in Pakistan. In fact Indian parties are more against Muslims. They cannot bear Pakistani nation at all. You can verify this statement by just applying for Bharti visa and after that you will come to know about the facts. The personality of Shahrukh Khan is also discussed here. Writer further added that Shahrukh should be thankful to those forces which only threaten him. they have not killed him in spite of the true that he is Hindu by birth. He is a secular person and her family also belongs from the said country. We should go through from all these things before speaking ill about our own country. He further added that Bushra is a patriotic lady and hopefully there will be some wrong selection of words by her. She did not mean to say that. All the details are given below in Urdu and you can read it.

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