Urdu Column About PIC Drug Scandle

Daily Express Newspaper Urdu Column Supporter By Javed CHaudhry

Pakistan institute of cardiology is one of the famous hospital in Pakistan in which heart patients are treated. Some fake drugs given to mass which are reason of several deaths. The writer said that we are worse than Crosia. In that country in 2001 twenty three kidney patients were dead during daluces. The fault was in filters in fact. The prime minister demanded the resignation from ministry of health. This state got separated from Yugoslavia in 1991. If we compare ourselves with them, in our country no one is ready to accept his fault. Recent tragic is that 130 patients have been died due to the tablets issued by PIC. Chief Minister has taken the notice and action is being taken against the responsible persons. Now it is upon Govt. that how much this matter is considered as serious. In Punjab hundreds of people are dying of Isotab and Dengue. The names of the corrupt people should be brought in to the notice of everyone. If this story is not revealed it means we are trying to conceal it. those who support the killer, they are also murderer. All the details are given below in Urdu and you can read it.

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