Urdu Biography Of Zia Mohyeddin

Zia Mohyeddin’s Life History In Urdu Written By Agha Nasir

The good man was born on 20th June 1933. He has a sweet voice which is God gifted thing for him. The sad thing is that we unfortunately could not produce any one like him. His father was attached in education field. He was graduated in 1949. Career as artist was started from radio. Then he went to London and there he got the training of stage dramas. He is timid by nature. He started his movie career in 1962. He is among the best friends of the writer. In Pakistan he is known for his TV programs. He is a very good broadcaster and knows that how to ask the creative questions from the guests. He is still searching the unique things for the audience. He is a very creative person. He knows that how to produce the quality words. He worked in many dramas like “Chacha Chakan” and few others. His solo performances are also incredible. One just get drenched in to his words until he speaks. People remember him from those serials. All the detailed facts about his life are given below in Urdu and you can read it.

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